Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel

Steel boned corsets are the perfect type of corset for waist cinching and also shaping the body overall. When it is compared with the other type of waist trainer (without boning system), then this type has the much better effect of reducing the waistline than the regular ones. A high-quality steel boned wait trainer vest can reduce up to 4 to 5 inches off waistline when it is worn. If it is the 9 steel boned latex waist trainer vest, it is offering an even real significant difference in any body shape.

Just like the regular waist trainer, nine steel boned waist trainer vest is now available in a variety of colors and also styles, so you can choose the one that suits your personal tastes as well as to full fill your body shaping needs. You can visit any websites providing further information about Waist Trainer Vest to educate yourself about this waist trainer. Here, we are sharing this specific type of waist trainer vest with the additional support of 9 steel bones. Below, we have some choices of 9 steel boned waist trainer vest that might be suitable for you to get the dramatic difference of your waistline when wearing it.

1. Wonder-Beauty Women’s Waist Trainer Vest

Wonder-Beauty Women’s Waist Trainer Vest

This waist trainer vest is featuring adjustable straps, providing an easy way to get the perfect fit to any body shape. It is made of breathable material that makes it comfortable to wear. Featuring double closure: hook-and-eye closure and zipper to ensure the waist trainer vest has the perfect compression. The most important feature of this waist trainer vest is nine steel bones that reinforcing the corset so that you can get the significantly reduced waistline when wearing it.

2. Amia Sculpting Waist Trainer Vest

Amia Sculpting Waist Trainer Vest

Waist Trainer Vest of Amia is designed to allow the wearer to make a power move in this maximum strength waist trainer vest. This vest has the midsection makeover’s PowerLatex core which is suitable for post-baby bodies and poochy bellies. The firm compression of this Amia waist trainer vest comes from the 9 pieces of FlexiBoning which support your spine gently, relieve pain as it reduces your waistline dramatically and immediately.

3. Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel

Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel

This waist trainer uses vest-like straps to provide support to your back and bust as it sculpts the midsection by 1-3 inches. It is a great choice to get the hourglass curves that you want. By wearing this vest-style waist trainer, you can stand taller and straighter for a more confident posture. This waist trainer vest featured high-compression latex and reinforced with nine pieces of flexible steel boning to provide maximum effectiveness. It is suitable to maintain your hourglass shape all day without compromising the comfort. The design and optimal compression of this latex waist trainer vest increase the perspiration during exercise, sports, walks, and any physical activity including at home.

4. FeelinGirl Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Vest

FeelinGirl Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Vest

It is a latex waist trainer vest with Zipping and Hook-and-eye closures that help you create a secure fit. The firm compression of this waist trainer vest is reinforced by nine pieces of spiral Flexi-boning supports which are flexible and durable. With the spiral form of steel boning, this waist trainer vest can bend easily but recover quickly to the origin. The adjustable straps of this vest are helpful to ensure that the waist trainer won’t lose when you take exercise. This high-compression waist trainer vest is very suitable for you to reduce your waistline up to 3 inches instantly, while the comfort feeling is the reason for you to wear it every day and during workouts. Make sure you choose the correct size to get the proper compression for your body.

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