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365stream体育直播Schiller International University is dedicated to supporting our military students. We understand the cost of a post-secondary education is part of the decision-making process of attending any college. We strongly advise all military members to reach out to their Education Advisor, Educational Service Officer (ESO), or installation commander prior to enrolling into college.

They can assist with any questions regarding tuition assistance (TA) as that must be approved prior to attending college. In addition, Veteran students (and their dependents) can call the Veterans Education Student line (1-888-442-4551) for any questions regarding Veterans Education benefits.

Veteran Administration (VA) Certifying Official

Marty Mehringer

Phone: 317-805-1785

365stream体育直播Andrea Colloca

Global Director of Admissions

I lead Schiller International University’s global team of admissions, in helping create a culturally diverse environment where students can thrive. My creativity, passion for assisting others and leadership, are invested daily in ensuring that students reach their highest potential and have the best opportunities after they graduate.

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