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Andrea Colloca

Global Director of Admissions

I lead Schiller International University’s global team of admissions, in helping create a culturally diverse environment where students can thrive. My creativity, passion for assisting others and leadership, are invested daily in ensuring that students reach their highest potential and have the best opportunities after they graduate.

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We are available to respond to any questions you may have. Contact us at any time.

First, check the requirements to apply for a scholarship*

  • You must have received acceptance by our Admissions Team
    We are happy to help you throughout this process. If you have not done so yet, begin the application process .
  • We will send you a scholarship application form
    Complete the application and send it back to us. Our Scholarship Committee will make a decision.
  • You are almost there
    Once we have accepted your scholarship application, we will send you a scholarship award letter. 
  • Congratulations!
    You just have to confirm your acceptance and you are a part of Schiller’s learning community.

We want to support your launch into the professional world

365stream体育直播At Schiller International University, we provide you with a full detailed list of available scholarships:

  • Initial eligibility
  • Documentation requirements
  • Amount of the award
  • Continued eligibility requirements
  • Eligibility for re-applying upon loss of an award

If you need additional information or personalized attention, contact us. 
365stream体育直播We will be happy to help you.

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